Women’s Wellness & Prevention

As we get older it is important to keep up with wellness checks and preventative care. Primary Care Partners of South Bend recommends that women receive regular checkups to monitor female wellness and ensure your health is the best it can be. 

Women’s Health Checkup

During these annual visits, the doctor performs a physical exam of mental and physical health. Your doctor will check your overall health by taking your vitals, checking your heart, lungs, skin, and general appearance. Your doctor will also perform a thorough gynecologic exam to ensure your reproductive organs are normal, a Pap test to check for cervical cancer, and a breast exam to check for breast cancer. All of these screenings are essential in keeping your body healthy and preventing injuries, cancer, or diseases. To schedule your women’s health checkup, contact us online or give us a call at (574) 251-1200.

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is important throughout our entire lives. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential to overall health. Also, it is important for women to exercise regularly and minimize stress. It is essential to wear sunscreen daily to prevent skin cancer and damage to your skin. Additionally, we recommend that women get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night. Women should also avoid excessive alcohol use for overall wellness and mental health. Living a healthy lifestyle and creating good habits improves your quality of life. The choices you make every day can affect female wellness and health for years to come.

Specialty Services

At Primary Care Partners of South Bend, we offer many specialty services for women. Our gynecology services help keep women’s reproductive organs healthy and allow us to diagnose problems early and offer fast, effective treatment options. Additionally, we offer dermatology evaluations and treatments to examine any skin concerns and set up appropriate treatment. We also offer essential mental health and diagnostic care.

Diagnostic Care

As our bodies age, we are more susceptible to injury. For this reason, our diagnostic care is very important for women. At Primary Care Partners of South Bend, we offer diagnostic care such as X-Ray, EKG, and spirometry tests. We also run hemoglobin, diabetes, and urinalysis labs to diagnose certain illnesses or diseases that are common in women.  In our clinic, our primary goal is to make a healthy lifestyle easy for our patients. We offer many services and treatments to ensure every woman thrives and receives all the help they need to live healthy, happy lives. Our mission is to give every patient high-quality care with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Mental Health

Mental health is important for all genders and ages. We understand the stigma surrounding mental health may make it more difficult to ask for help. However, we can assure you that at Primary Care Partners of South Bend, we want to help improve all mental health with respect and dignity. We encourage you to voice any concerns about your mental health, stress/anxiety levels, or abnormal moods with your doctor. To schedule your women’s mental health checkup, reach out to us online or call us at (574) 251-1200. For more general information regarding female wellness, visit the CDC’s women’s health page.

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