Interested in losing weight without pills, shakes, or fake food?

We have a Weight Loss and Nutrition Management program to help. This program is open to current patients as well as non-patients. This program is designed to teach you how to make food choices that combine foods at each meal and snack to be effective fuel for your body.

It is appropriate for any level of previous knowledge about nutrition. We will help you grow your understanding, so you see foods in new ways, and understand how to use food to reach your goals for your body.

There is no “magic bullet” for weight loss. This program does require your work and commitment. We also recommend that you incorporate exercise into your weekly life.

We use exclusive equipment and software to determine your individualized Body Composition Analysis including Basal Metabolic Calculation and Nutrition/Activities Caloric Assessment.

The program is designed as 4 sessions ($575 package). We will have specific goals and information for each session. We will provide you with concrete recommendations for each following week.

Obesity is a challenging problem, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our goal with this program is to empower you with knowledge so that you can make sustainable changes to improve your health.

Please call our office at 574-251-1200 for more information or to make your first appointment with our Nurse Practitioners who are trained in Nutrition Management and Weight Loss.



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