Patient Medical Records

We have partnered with Medicopy, a fully HIPAA compliant health information retrieval company, to fulfill the Medical Records Requests of our patients.  Medicopy adheres to all state and federal regulations concerning the release of medical information and requires the request be in writing and signed either digitally or manually.

Patients can request copies of their medical records at no cost if the delivery method is via encrypted email or fax.  Delivery fees will apply for hard copy requests, so please ensure you submit your email with your request to arrange for payment with Medicopy (any hard copy records request that exceed 80 pages will also incur a $.03 charge for pages 81 and above for processing).  Records sent to another healthcare provider or facility are complimentary for our patients.  Record requests are completed within two (2) business days after request receipt by Medicopy (or after payment for hard copy is received by Medicopy).

To request your medical records please fill out one of the following authorization forms:

  • Authorization for the Release of Medical Records (available through MedCopy)
  • Learn more about MediCopy’s Release of Information service

If you have any questions, please contact MediCopy:

online chat: | phone: 866-587-6274 | email:


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