Musculoskeletal Medicine

Living with a muscular condition or injury can make moving around and being independent more difficult. For this reason, Primary Care Partners of South Bend has a commitment to treat our patients’ pain with high-quality care. We can work together to improve your daily movement and overall health with musculoskeletal medicine.

We work with all of our patients to help them achieve a healthy, painless, and more confident life – and being able to move comfortably is a very important part. For all musculoskeletal medical concerns, contact us online or give us a call at (574) 251-1200 today!

Joint Injections

Depending on the type of injury or pain a patient has, we use certain injections to treat joint pain. At Primary Care Partners of South Bend, we administer knee and shoulder injections to reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Joint injections help to reduce pain and inflammation associated with tendonitis, arthritis, injury, and stress. Some injections use a steroid medication to directly treat the area of pain. Alternatively, others add lubrication to the joint, helping it to glide smoother.

Injections in the knee and shoulder offer a minimally-invasive pain-relieving alternative to surgery. Additionally, our musculoskeletal medical procedures can help relieve joint pain and inflammation without the downtime of an operation. To learn more about which type of injection is best for your condition, reach out to us online or call (574) 251-1200.


While receiving musculoskeletal medicine at Primary Care Partners of South Bend, we may prescribe some medications that could put patients at a higher risk for complications. Due to the increased possibility of side effects, drug-drug interactions, and dependence or abuse, we do consider some medicines “high risk.” These medications include opioids, benzodiazepines, “Z-drug” medications (insomnia), gabapentinoids, and muscle relaxants. For general information regarding medicine safety, visit the CDC’s medication safety page. As a result of the risks, we have implemented a high risk medication policy for the safety of all patients and our practice. To read our full policy, click here

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