Ear Piercing

Getting your child’s ears pierced in the Primary Care Partners of South Bend office is the safest option for all children. We use medical-grade piercers rather than a standard piercing gun. Also, we use earrings made with materials that reduce the risk of infection. Additionally, we only offer lobe piercings. There are a few ways to prepare to get your ears pierced.


We offer ear piercing to all children from 2 months to 18 years. If you wish to have your child’s ears pierced, the appointment must be scheduled at least 2 weeks after their first DTap vaccine.

Insurance does not cover ear piercing, so the payment will be due at the appointment. Earrings are included in the price. Generally, this appointment will take about 20 minutes.

Home Care

We recommend waiting 6 weeks to remove the piercing or change the earring. This will allow the ear to fully heal. Additionally, while the ear is healing, avoid swimming or wearing clothes that could catch on the earring. Until the ear is healed, always wash your hands before touching the piercing.

Twice a day, clean the ear with warm, soapy water on a cotton swab. Do not use alcohol to clean the piercing as it may dry out the skin and affect healing. While the ear is wet, turn the earring in circles a few times. If there is irregular pus or swelling, remove the earring and give us a call at (574) 251-1200. For any further questions regarding ear piercing, prices, or healing, contact Primary Care Partners of South Bend.

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