Cosmetic Facial Injection 


Christine Coulter, FNP has received extensive additional training in cosmetic facial injections of Botulinum Toxin “A” to relax the muscle areas of the face to help reduce wrinkles that are associated with facial expressions.

Areas of the face treated by Ms Coulter are: Glabellar area of frown lines (located between the eyes); Crow’s feet (lateral area of the eyes) and forehead wrinkles.

The brand of Botulinum Toxin “A” that Ms Coulter will be using at PCPSB is Xeomin®  (same substance as Botox®, but less costly)

This is a pay at the time of service procedure (cash, or credit cards accepted) – we cannot/will not bill to insurance as this is a cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurances.

The cost will be determined after consulting with Ms Coulter to determine what is desired by the patient for the look they are trying to achieve and the calculated amount of Xeomin® to be used to reach these goals.

As with any type of clinical procedure there may be risks or complications – Ms Coulter will go over all of these with each patient and together will determine if the procedure is appropriate to proceed.

Call our office TODAY to make an appointment with Christine Coulter, FNP to begin rejuvenating your look!  (574)-251-1200

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